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I think you're the same as me
you and I are gonna live forever
Hm, community seems to be dead...but here's a fanfic. 
8th-Jan-2014 06:01 pm
Title: Of Dates and Duelists
Pair: Juudai/Johan (obviously)
Drabblish. No warnings. Just plain fluff and cuteness. Pre-established relationship. Post-canon.

Juudai didn’t understand why people always seemed to make such a huge deal about liking or dating someone. It’s something he’s been mystified about for years and couldn't help but reflect briefly upon every now and again when he spotted people making fools out of themselves in public to proclaim their love and whatnot.

In Duel Academia, Rei had always been none too subtle of her crush towards him. He wasn’t entirely sure what crushes felt like, as he’d never had one per say, but he was pretty sure that they would probably be more successful if the person acted more like themselves instead of going out of their way to make themselves look perfect.

There had also been Manjoume, who had always had feelings for Asuka. She’d been annoyed by his valiant displays of affection and hadn’t begun to warm up to him as more than a friend until their senior year and even more after they had graduated. From what Juudai had seen—and he’d visited them a great number of times—the both of them were more than content to be in each other’s presence without tripping over their own foot for each other.

Juudai…well, he didn’t understand the hype about love, crushes and the like. He didn’t take the person he was “with” on dates; they were more than happy to just spend as much time together as they could, which unfortunately wasn’t often. They didn’t get that much time together. Juudai was a traveler, so staying in one place for him was simply impossible. On top of that, Johan had to move around a lot due to being in the Pro Circuit. Juudai found himself participating in a tournament here and there, very rarely managing to make one that Johan was also entered in, but he would need to stick around for the rest and he just couldn’t right then.

There were also things that just confounded him. Why was it necessary to constantly buy your partner gifts or do elaborate things to prove that you liked them? Johan had never done anything like that and neither had Juudai. Unless “elaborate” involved saving the world together, dueling side-by-side, warm shared smiles, short kisses and brief touches, then Juudai simply couldn’t hope to understand it.

One evening he decided to repeat this to Johan when he managed to stop by. He hadn’t seen the other man in several months and he was feeling rather content to just sit and listen to his voice, interjecting stories of his own in between. They’d already dueled—it was Juudai’s customary greeting after all—and were now relaxing on the floor in Johan’s current rented residence. The carpet wasn’t all that comfortable, but the couch was too small for the two of them to sit on together so they both opted for the floor.

Juudai had been in the middle of telling Johan all about his adventures in the United States of America, describing the food and the odd customs, the weird theme parks he’d seen and the animals he saw, when he’d brought up the subject, remembering some of the antics he’d noticed while walking through the towns.

Johan seemed just as put off as he did about the whole idea. He laughed merrily, the mere sound of his voice bringing a smile to Juudai’s lips that was as natural as breathing. “I don’t see why people want to do that. Seems like a hassle to me,” he chuckled.

Juudai frowned, “I just don’t get it. Why can’t they just hang out and duel or something? What’s the point of going on “dates”? To show everyone that you're together?” He looked distinctly confused. “...I don't really think it's anyone else's business.”

Johan appeared thoughtful, pursing his lips as he hummed to himself. It was funny how alike they were sometimes—the teal-haired duelist had a remarkable more experience than he did when it came to certain things, but it was amazing how often they found themselves puzzled by the same things that appeared normal to just about anyone else. It just didn’t work for them.

“Well, I guess that’s how people get to know each other. Not all people are friends before they start…dating.”

Juudai pouted a little, which was still incredibly cute despite his now much more mature visage. “But I didn’t need that. We know each other just fine and we’ve never gone out on a date.”

Like I’ve known you my whole life and beyond was what they were both thinking, but neither voiced it; they didn’t have to, for it was no secret that they’d felt that way. They’d known the moment they touched hands on the rooftop.

“Me too,” Johan agreed, nodding with a small smile. “I guess that's just how people like to do things. I never understood it myself,” he admitted. “...there were a few girls here and there who liked me, but I wasn't really into that kind of thing.”

“It never occurred to me at all,” Juudai stated and Johan was none too surprised to hear of this. Really, he would have been shocked if Juudai /had/ been thinking about it. It just didn't seem in his nature. He was the type that enjoyed the simple things in life, rather than making things more complicated than they needed to be.

Johan loved the way Juudai viewed the world sometimes. He was in no way as innocent as everyone believed, but there was still that strange shield there that separated him from everyone else. He'd always seemed like he lived on a different plane of existence. It was a bit difficult to understand that sort of thing, but Johan had grown to adore it almost immediately.

“I'm glad that we don't do that,,” Juudai huffed, successfully breaking Johan out of his musings. The teal-haired boy couldn't help but chuckle a bit at the look on his partner's face.

“...me too,” Johan hummed a little, taking a sip of his coffee that he'd forgotten about until then. There were very few things that he could focus on when he was with his partner—his family was one, but coffee certainly wasn't. And really, that was okay because it all just felt more real this way, this...relationship they had going on. He's watched the displays of romance around him and it never ceased to make him feel a little out of place or confused. If emotions were supposed to be the most important thing, then why make a big deal out of it? The only thing that should matter is how they both feel.

Speaking of which...

Johan couldn't help the small, mischievous smirk that crossed his face as he leaned over toward his partner, watching chocolate eyes shine with curiosity and anticipation. “...I missed you,” he murmured softly, pausing a moment to nuzzle their cheeks together in a small, timid gesture of affection before brushing their lips in a tender kiss. Juudai returned it without hesitation, making no moves to deepen the kiss and make it more than what it was originally intended to be. There would be time for those things later, but for now, they were content with what they already had.

Those kinds of things weren't important to them, after all.

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